Thursday, April 08, 2010

Snapshot of the courtroom trapped attorney

Just another day in the courtroom...

8:52: Arrive in the courtroom, find seat and get settled.
8:55: Call out to the assembled masses to see if opposing counsel is present.
8:57: No response from the assembled masses means no agreed order and no quick exit.
9:01: Begin other paper work. On my new iPad.
9:02: First attorney ooos and aaahsss the iPad
9:07: Finish first 30 pages of document review for dep prep
9:15: Continued document review/analysis for dep prep. Interrupted by every third attorney asking about the iPad
9:22: Pro Se defendant in court before the judge. Has an interesting hairdo: half black, half bleach blonde. Iiiiiiiinnnnnteresting.
9:25: Deeply involved in document review when I hear my first case called. Spring out of my seat and bum rush the bench. Opposing counsel showed up late. Back to the documents...
9:38: Second pro se of the day. Dressed like an attorney. Carrying the entire courtfile (likely 300 pages) in a single plastic bag. That looks about the break.
9:50: Opposing counsel on my last case and I conference. We reach an agreement and return to the courtroom to wait for the case call.
9:59: Case is called. From his seat, opposing counsel immediately gets before the judge. From my seat, I stand and get trapped by several attorneys who are standing in my way. I can't make it to the bench without lowering my shoulder and powering through.
10:03: Done with court. Time to meet with the client.