Friday, January 29, 2010

A Week of My Faux Pas

Me: “Let the record reflect that this is the um….ah…why can’t I think of the word…”
Opposing Counsel: “Deposition”
Me: “This is a good way to start out a transcript”

Judges Clerk: “We never received your courtesy copies, you are going to have to refile”

Partner: We just got this motion to dismiss. What are they talking about?
Me: It looks like I wrote the court date on the order wrong.
Partner: Whoops. File an affidavit with our response.
Me: “I swear that I am an idiot and can’t write days of the week correctly”
Partner: “Perfect”

Opposing counsel: “We could have made this an agreed order”
Me: “I’m a big fan of driving 100 miles for nothing”

Federal Court Help Desk: “Turns out you filed your motion, but you never scheduled it”

I am so glad that this work week is over.