Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Five years ago, I started writing this blog

There I was with my study group immersed in Contracts review during the first year first semester finals. We were assembled in the library and I didn’t want to study. I was supposed to be preparing an answer to a hypothetical, what I did instead was start a blog.

For a trip down memory lane: the post that got everything started. (Also could be called “How I got my worst grade in law school”)

Obviously, things started slowly and readers don’t just magically begin to follow your regular ramblings and humorous happenings. But, over time, people started to find my writings. A lot of people seem to like what I post here, a few people like to mock me (which is ok) and as the days go by more and more readers stop on by. Which is awesome.

As law school continued, I kept writing. I was determined not to be a gunner, an overly typical law student or someone aiming to be the traditional lawyer. That said, I had my gunner moments, my typical law student times and an occasional desire to be fitted for the golden handcuffs while being buried in document review. (Why go to law school? Same four reasons as everyone else: “Chicks, money, power and chicks”)

Law school finished, BarBri started and ended, the bar happened and I was unemployed. Through it all I kept golfing and writing the occasional missive posted for the huddled masses to find some humor in. The job search sucked, continued unemployment sucked more and I declared a humiliating defeat (by moving back home with the parentals).

Then three days later, I got a job. (One that has provided ample writing material ever since)

Through it all, I’ve only been trying to share the humor I find along the way. (Let’s be honest, writing is cheaper than therapy). I’ve been amazingly fortunate to receive a little recognition for this website. I am humbled, stunned and speechless when things like that happen. I’m not going to lie, I love getting comments and e-mail from those that stop on by. Those are also humbling, awe-inspiring, encouraging and occasionally naughty. [Please, keep them coming!]

If you can’t tell, I love writing this blog.

I write with a simple goal in mind: making you laugh. Thank you for giving me the audience to do that. Thank you for coming back to see what new travail I’ve managed to experience. I look forward to the future and I honestly hope that I can keep your attention as we move forward together.