Sunday, November 22, 2009

Better lawyering through chemistry?

I’ve been sick for the past week. It’s been awesome. Not. I took Wednesday and Thursday off so I could celebrate my trial win in style take up residency on the couch and mainline lemon tea and an array of pharmaceuticals.

Friday morning arrived and while I can delay complying with a court ordered deadline due to my illness, the statute of limitations would not be so malleable. Under the influence, trying to get a complaint ready for filing was as mentally taxing an activity as I have encountered in the practice of law. The aftermath has taught me several points worth mentioning:

  1. Copy, cut and paste and go horridly wrong if your head is socked in with fog. [Worse things can happen when attempting to do the aforementioned while engaging in e-mailing and/or g-chatting]
  2. Operating a stapler constitutes the use of heavy machinery. [Might have had to restaple a few times.]
  3. Writing a check was too much for me. [I wrote out the amount due to the clerk in the area reserved for actual numbers]
Anyway, I’m heading in tomorrow. I’m off the big boy pills and back onto the over the counter, by the handful variety. I’m hoping that I can hide in the office, unplug the phone and sleep.

But we all know that that won’t happen meaning it could be an interesting Monday.