Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These things always happen when the Partner is out of communication range

It's 2pm, I’ve just returned from a CLE, I’m thinking about grabbing lunch, and the phone rings:

Corporate Client Executive (C.C.E.): The CEO has asked if you can send us everything by 3pm
Me: Um…What are you talking about?
C.C.E: The non-disclosure agreement.
Me: You never contacted me about this.
C.C.E.: Oh.
Me: Yeah.
C.C.E.: Can you send us a Non-Disclosure Agreement by 3pm?
Me: I suppose. Is it going to be a short-form or long form NDA?
C.C.E.: The CEO didn’t tell me.
Me: Well, what area of your business will it be used for?
C.C.E.: I don’t know. But we need it by 3pm.
53 minutes later, the NDA was sent out.