Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asked and wow what an answer

I was working until midnight and on the road to the courthouse by 6 this morning. I was fueled by caffeine, encouraged by the technical position of the case and reasonably convinced that I would be able to achieve what my client would accept as a victory. Then the prep session with our key witness was exhibit one in Namby being Namby:

Me: Just remember, take your time. Listen to the question and answer only the question asked. Now, that's not too hard, is it?
Witness: [Nervous Laughter] I think I'll be alright.
Me: [Joining him in his laughter] This is your chance to tell what happened. Your credibility is everything. But trust me, you will be fine
Witness: [Still, with the nervous laughter] Got it. I'm just going to tell the truth
Me: One think I forgot to ask [still chortling], you aren't a convicted felon, right?
Witness: [Funny how the laughter stopped] I am.
Me: [Not really paying attention to what he just said as I am writing notes to mysel....what?] Excuse me?
Anyway, that was how the day began. It can only get better. Or something.

[For those of you looking for info on the trial itself, the judge continued it because his morning tee time got moved up his schedule had an unanticipated development that prevented him from performing his judgely duties]. So that was fun.]