Friday, May 22, 2009

Living up to expectations

I got off the elevator at the Daley Center and I immediately saw a law school classmate of mine. She and I were in a lot of classes together and well, in any of the actual law classes, she usually took home the A whereas, I slacked off. But as some of you know, I loved trial classes and I did well in them. In my third year, I was in the advanced trial class with this girl. She was really good. I think I was better. The professor disagreed and gave her the CALI. And a job.

Not that I’m still jealous…

The teacher was one of my favorites in law school and is amazing lawyer in her own right. She is, without question, one of the best lawyers in Chicago. And there she was, with my classmate, in the Daley Center holding court with a handful of lawyers and clients. She sees me and waves me over, introduces me to the vast array of important people, and then tells them that my classmate and I were the best two students she has had.

High praise indeed. But this is not the point of the story. This the set up to me being…well…me.

I take my leave and head off to the Courtroom that my hearing is in. I get to the courtroom, I check the call sheet. My case isn’t on it. I check my notes and everything is as I think it is: 9:30 in 2704. The call starts in 5 minutes. Crap. What is going on. Did I misremember something? I call the office, 9:30am in 2704 is where the motion is scheduled. I go talk to the clerk who assures me that my motion is not on this call. In fact, this case is not on this Judge’s docket.

It’s about this point that as I totally bumfuzzled that it is pointed out to me that I am actually not standing in Courtroom 2704.

One of the best two students she has ever had. Yep. That’s me.