Friday, March 27, 2009

Just an average Friday around these parts

I saw that a comment that wanted to know about the trial. It was fun. I got to beat the hell out of the Plaintiff through lots of impeachment. And then I beat him a little more. But after you admit liability, all you get is to argue about damages. Ho hum. The Plaintiff wanted a lot and the Court decided to award him roughly 40% less than he wanted [and about 10% than I hoped that they would give him. I guess this is a victory. At the end of the day, it takes the suspense out of it all when you are saying ‘yeah, we did it’ because all you can wait to find out is how bad the slap on the wrist is going to be.

I ran into Grace today interviewing a witness who happened to be one of Chicago’s Finest. Upon introduction, I promptly demanded the he arrest her. I’m a good friend like that. Grace, that’s what you get for bailing on The Wednesday Drinks.

I was reading through a response to my summary judgment motion and I stumbled across a one sentence ‘Due Process’ argument. I believe my response will be titled something like: ‘This is a Steaming Pile of Bullshit!’

The odd, yet cool, happening of the day: I went in to Court on a routine motion and I walked out with a $11,000 judgment for my client. Totally did not see that coming. And I told the Court that. Twice. The judge demanded I take the judgment and get out because it was time for the Court to eat lunch.