Monday, April 21, 2008

WARNING: Don't Operate Heavy Machinery or Practice Law While Taking This Medication

My weekend Nyquil bender was awesome. There were points in time when I couldn't feel my legs. And for good measure wine was added to the mix. But enough about how I spend my Friday nights.

I woke up this morning feeling actually functional. Functionality led to a nagging thought: have court have court today and you have no idea what client you are representing. Crap.

It's one of those nagging feelings that takes the enjoyment out of the morning shower. And out of the coffee. It's one of those things where every second that the train doors don't open it feels like an eternity. And thus, I end up more or less sprinting the 5 blocks from the train to my office. I get to my office and I begin to rifle through each of the roughly 80 files that were nicely arranged before I showed up.

After I spent the first two hours panicking in the office, I was finally able to calm down. Then I took some Dayquil.

My afternoon was spent worrying that I had inadvertently sent the wrong client an enormous settlement check that I was given for 'safekeeping'