Monday, February 04, 2008

Three Things about the Super Bowl

1. I would love to know how the Pats defense collectively reached the decision with 2:45 left in the game to assume the position and perform fellatio on a donkey. Eli couldn't have gift wrapped the ball any better. The Giants didn't win, the Patriots lost.

2. There have been questions about why I was rooting for the Pats and here is my answer: I've been a fan of them ever since the Hoodie took over. If I bought football jerseys, I'd own several Pats jerseys. I like intelligent teams. I like teams that bend the rules [Everyone spies on everyone else. This is not a 'gate' this is just a fact]. I like teams that trade down, draft smart, and say fuck you to #1 overall picks. I like winners [Except ones that come from New York]. I like those who demand perfection [but I do hate the 72 Dolphins].

3. It's snowing in Chicago again. This is Al Gore's fault [the Pats losing that is]

Bonus Thing: How the hell did Eli get the MVP? Can you say Giants Defense?