Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's like Gaydar but for the legal professional

One of my friends and I were frequenting our favorite wine bar yesterday evening to take advantage of the establishments half-price bottle night. When we got there, the place was jammed but we found two seats between two groups of people at the bar. To our right there were three professional gentlemen that seemed to view us as riff-raff. To our left, were two ladies, deep in conversation with each other.

As the night progressed, the women to our right would sporadically join in conversation with the two of us. It started with Anchorman quotes and rapidly progressed from that point. None of the four of us had discussed what we did at this point in the night when the topic of vacations came up. One innocuous line of conversation told me exactly what the woman to my left did for a living: "Whenever I can get out of work for seven days off in a row, I like to go lay on a beach."

She didn't have to say anything more. I knew. I didn't need to ask [but I did anyways because I wanted to know where she worked]. I didn't have to see the Blackberry [which I did]. She was a lawyer.

Lawdar is my key to networking. That and half priced bottle night.