Friday, December 07, 2007

I could be that I am delusional. Or special.

I've lost it. And I can prove this.

I got up, turned on the coffee maker, sat down at the computer to do some work, and returned to it when the coffee was brewed. As I was finishing adding the sugar, my phone rang in the other room. Naturally, when you are unemployed and sending resumes by the ream, you hope that the phone is a potential employer offering buckets of money or an incredibly hot woman, and thus I ran to the phone. It was neither an employer or an incredibly hot woman. But it was a 15-minute conversation. After it was done, I returned to the computer and restarted the work that I was doing.

About an hour later, the realization that I had had no coffee finally hit me. So I meandered over to the coffee pot, grabbed a cup from the cabinet, poured coffee, added cream and sugar, and proceeded to drink. It was mid-gulp that I remembered that I had poured a cup of coffee before this one. I went back to the coffee maker to dispose of the cold coffee only to find no cup of cold coffee.

I've been searching for the first cup all morning. And I can't find it.

Is my brain starting to eat itself?