Friday, December 21, 2007

A Day in the Life

8:30: Wake up

8:38: Wake up, Part II
8:46: Debate throwing alarm clock across the room.  Until I realize that the Alarm Clock doubles as my iPhone
8:54: I'm up
9:02: Snooze alarm 5, Me 0
9:03: Receive text message from roommate.  He has arrived in Europe (yes, the day after he got back from Mexico)
9:04: Send text message to roommate asking about his Montezuma's Revenge
9:10: Get out of bed and stumble to coffee maker.  Start coffee.  Begin God's work
9:11-9:18: Surf internet job postings
9:19: Begin work for the day.
10:20: Bankroll down 4%. That's enough of this for now; Time to begin God's work part II.
11:50: Leave for session with trainer.  
12:00: Work out.  During workout, discuss strategy to bitch at 18 year old cousin who is a Paris Hilton wannabe [and looks, acts, talks, and drinks like her]. Seems that the strategy that will be adopted will be two pronged: 1) get lit 2) tell her she's a ho
1:30: Return home.  Prepare for a meeting with my one and only client.  
1:32: Debate about showering.

The rest of the day is projected as being:
3:00: Client meeting
6:00: Birthday party for friend.
6:18: 5 Beers into friend's birthday party
7:00: Drunk
8:00: Obnoxious
9:02: Done