Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We are back and that is trouble

Daisy and Scarlett (The ladies of Legally Blonde Ambition), their oft referenced friend Petrified Apple Girl, The Wayward Esquire, Grace (Law with Grace), and Anonymous Hottie (of Murphy's Law)

"Watching Basketball is like having sex with me; Yes!!!!! Fucking No! Wrong basket. Wrong basket" --Scarlett

"Best law school story I ever had: I was touring a prison with a class and an inmate was like, 'Hey blondie, let me lick your pussy!' I turned to my professor and said, "Should I let him?" he didn't speak to me the rest if the semester" --Grace

"Those were two beautiful girls you were with (Anonymous Hottie and Petrified Apple Girl) when I picked you up, why aren't they with you?" --My Cab Driver