Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Profound Statements on Wednesday Night (a.k.a. what I think of two new TV shows)

Dirty Sexy Money: Very Good
Biggest Surprise: I thought Donald Sutherland was dead
Best Line: "Patrick, you are going to be a United States Senator, you are going to occupy one of the highest offices in the land. Don't you as a Senator have to have the honesty and integrity to walk into a hotel room on your own and give a tranny hooker a check?"
Say what now: William Baldwin with a Tranny Hooker in Bed. Priceless

Private Practice: Not so much
Biggest Surprise: The cast is so talented but the first true episode sucked so much as I frequently was looking at the clock praying that it would end
Best Part: Kate Walsh Dances Naked Behind a Screen
What I did to pass the time: Wiki-ed the cast members [I had no idea that Amy Brennanman was a Harvard Grad] and watched trailers on