Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting an assist on his rebound

There I am, sitting on the couch drinking a beer. It's like most
Thursday nights at 1am (ok, not really). I hear the door to the
three-flat open and two sets of feet stumble up the stairs. Then the
fumbling with our door began.

And my roommate appears with a hot bar waitress at his side.

Fast forward 15 minutes later after I've done my best to get out of
the way ("by going to bed"). I'm laying in bed watching Arrested
Development and there is a faint knock on my door. My roommate comes
in and giddily proclaims: "I'm gonna have some sexxxxxxx! I'm gonna
have some sexxxxxx! I'm gonna have some sexxxxxxxx!" I had to point
out that the girl was in his bed and not mine.

Pointed in the right direction, he will not fail......unless he has an
attack of the whiskey dick.