Thursday, July 26, 2007 that happened

The Bar Exam is Finished. It feels damn good.

As far as the test itself, there were points that I thought that were easy (The IEE, The MPT, and the Morning MBE). There were points that I thought that were hard (The afternoon portion of the MBE). As far as I did, all I know is that it was long and tiring.

A few specific happenings:

  • Supposedly, this was the first time in 15 years that there was no Wills or Trusts Question on the Essay Examination
    • I wonder if Conviser is worrying that BarBri will be adversely affected if all you need to know is Corporations, Contracts, and Torts for the Illinois Bar Exam
      • He should.
  • The first Rule Against Perpetuities Question was on the MBE was #82
    • And I swear that there was a Wills question on the MBE
      • And a Secured Transactions one too
  • A guy two seats to my left brought an electronic clock that went off with five minutes left in the Illinois Essay Examination.
    • According to the proctor, the matter was referred to a 'Supervisor'
      • He spent the entire time during the the MPT thinking that he was going to be asked to leave during the lunch break
        • He was not sent home.
          • But several of us thought he should have been for being so damn stupid
  • The amount of scary looking people outweighed the number of normal looking people
  • The proctor told us a story about how she taught an ESL class in a cemetary.
    • She went on to say that her class got trapped in the cemetary
      • I had great faith in her ability to lead a class
        • Not.
  • The first new person I met at the Bar Exam site gave me great inspiration to succeed on the test
    • She had graduated law school a year earlier and passed the bar in another state.
      • Yet she couldn't find a job
        • And so, she has spent the last year working at Starbucks
Now it is time to relax.