Monday, May 21, 2007

Graduation Night

After the family and friends dinner, two of my friends and I went out to celebrate properly. Just around the corner from the restaurant was a good cigar shop, we stopped in, and asked the shop owner for a good celebratory cigar. The shop owner is someone that you all should experience for yourself because my words cannot do the man justice. Picture Tommy Chong without any teeth and a ZZ Top-like beard answering: 'Yeah guys...I got great smokes for you...' He leads us to the humidor that has his cigar of choice, the Davidoff 100th Anniversary, and he plucks three from the inside. 'The price is a little high, but these are great smokes, man, great smokes...'

We headed off from the shop to one of the bars in the area that allows that evil cigar smoke. There we were at the bar, drinking scotch, smoking a cigar, having conversation when I notice another person who looks strikingly familiar. I tell my friends this and then I excuse myself to go check my voicemail and make a call. A few minutes later, the familiar looking guy goes outside to do the same thing, and while he is outside he congratulates me on the graduation (he had been talking to my friends at the bar). When he comes back in, he comes up to the bar, buys us all a round of shots. [Sidenote: Tequila + Scotch...interesting combination]. Being bought several rounds of shots throughout the evening by this familiar looking guy was a nice exclamation point on a great day. Even more so because the guy in question plays for the Chicago Bulls.

It was a good day, a good night, with good friends and great family. That's how I spent my first night as a non-law student.

And then I promptly woke up at 5am this morning without any reason to do so.