Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh the People you Meet

It’s the random encounters that make the day so much more interesting. I was in the elevator going down from my office to go run a few errands. I'm pleased with my appearance today because I am exuding [what I think to be] the true lawyer look: I'm wearing a Navy Blue Two Color Pinstripe Suit, Yellow shirt with a subtle blue checks, yellow and blue diagonal stripe tie, with a black cashmere overcoat. [Denny Crane] Then a woman (mid-50s) gets on several floors below my office. I’m awake and I am in a good mood so I say:

Me: Good morning
Her: [Pause while she looks me up and down] You’re a real estate broker, aren’t you?
Me: Nope, not even close
Her: Really? [At this point she begins to laugh extremely loudly...mind you we are the only two in the elevator] Wow!!! I had you pegged! It takes one to know one and you are a spitting image of a real estate broker.
Me: I assure you, I’m not. Not even close.
Her: At least you aren’t a lawyer.
I love elevator rides.