Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's go time

As I have previously mentioned, my law school briefly observes MLK, Jr. Day. Not to worry, this pause has no effect on the two classes I have after the 4 hour memorial concludes. Tomorrow, I'll spend the time that the school gives us off and put time in at the office (the triumphant return after a month of convalescence). But I digress...

The two classes I have tomorrow are going to be the tough ones, the REAL ones, on the schedule this semester. I've had the syllabi for several weeks now and they have been stored dormant on my computer desktop since they were downloaded.

I have no idea where any of my classes are tomorrow. I don't even know the professor's name in my afternoon class. For that matter, the class meets at 3. Or is that 3:10? 3:30?

I have 3 books that I know I'm supposed to have. [I think I need 7 for the semester. Maybe 8] Though I don't think I have the ones that I'm supposed to do the first day's homework for. Reading statutory supplements are just one of many things I'm not ready to commit to at this point in life.

That's my tangible preparatory status for the new semester.

The mental preparation has been far more in depth: I've spent today watching football, making breakfast, playing Xbox 360, watching more football, browsing facebook, talking, blogging, staring off into space, watching 24, and coming off the rapture that was the Bears Playoff victory.

There are 12 Credit Hours to Graduation, 1 Trial Competition, 2 written exams, and 5 months until commencement, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.