Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Read these words and take a second to digest it

I was there. North End Zone. Section 256. Row 19. Seat 21.

The Bears just couldn't win, could they? No one picked the home team. No one except for God Coach Ditka.

Rooting for the Saints was the equivalent of rooting for the Angels, the good guys, and America. Rooting for the Bears was like rooting for Hugo Chavez, Katrina, and Osama Bin Laden. Combined.

I've been going to Bears games my entire life. My family has had season tickets since 1983 and they used to take me, all of 2 years old, wrap me up and let me sleep under the seats at Soldier Field. The Bears are my team. And I was there.

On a side note, Saints fans at the game, even when the game was out of reach, were the classiest bunch of fans I have ever rooted against. New Orleans, you were well represented.

The Bears won. The Bears were the better team. The Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Witnessing it in person was the most amazing sporting event I have ever been a part of. I was there. And we did it.