Thursday, January 18, 2007

After my first week of class this is what I've learned

My classes, thankfully, are done for the week. It's been interesting getting back into the swing of things both in the academic setting and in the work setting. So here's what I've learned so far:

  • The younger the professor is, the more by-the-book he will be.
    • If the professor looks like a 2L, he will be the most anal retentive teacher you've ever had [since first year legal writing].
      • If the professor asks a question about the legal writing program director, do not, under any circumstances begin a diatribe about how she could find fault in the writing of William Shakespeare and cause him to change professions
  • No matter how upbeat and positive the professor is, Commercial Paper will not be an interesting subject.
    • My common sense, my weak understanding of Contract Law, and my knowledge of the rules of evidence are going to be the bane of my existence in this class
    • There is a good chance I'm going to fail, but in the meantime, I fully intend just to read off the Law Reviewer's computer who sits in front of me for all of the answers when I'm called upon
  • When 2L's have a professor they had their first year, they laugh at all of the jokes he tells. They are the class laugh gunners.
    • This forced laughter is very disconcerting to the row of 3L's sitting behind the first four rows of 2L's who are still, in their fourth semester of law school, are bright-eyed and bushy tailed about a banal subject.
  • Drinking before or during a night class is a great idea, but finding those classmates who are willing to sit in an eight person class wreaking of booze is tough during the first week
  • Walking around the law school with a bad knee, specifically going down staircases, gets a lot of weird looks from the 1L's with their giant backpacks sprinting to their next class.
    • Depending on the elevators to get around in the building sucks.
      • Being "That Guy" who takes the elevator down 1 floor sucks even more.
        • I've apologized each time someone has shared an elevator with me
  • Career Services still sucks
    • Each e-mail they send out that has nothing to do with employment makes me die a little more inside each time. Or is that makes me more infuriated each time. I think it is the infuriated part.
      • If they keep sending e-mails on what random, unconnected to my law school, special interest group published an article on the dangers of [insert random crap here], I am going to lose it.
        • And when I do lose it, the e-mail that I send will be posted here
          • Along with my bail information and court date
So what have you learned thus far?