Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vacation Tip Part Two

My Roommate's cousin is our guide in chief around town. He is a remarkable individual. I've never seen someone be able to pick up so many women in a single day (young, old, good looking, ugly, anything). I've also never seen a man drink so much in a 12 hour time period. I've also never seen anyone drive with a BAC level that could kill a small horse.

We got to the golf course around 11:30 yesterday and he began to double barrel Bloody Marys. And then he got the Beer Girl's number. We were on the course until 5. He was drinking the entire time. His foursome finished ahead of the four Chicagoans and when we met up with them, they were on the putting green playing some game where the loser had to chug beers. He was losing each and every time. We proceeded to leave the course. In his car. Which he drove. This guy is talented.

After we had dinner and more to drink, we went out. First to Jbar (near Petco) and the W Hotel Bar and then to some dive bar. He drove us the entire night. More drinks all around, the cousin being the biggest consumer of the 7 of us out last night. We ended up getting kicked out of the last bar but it was not all in vain. To finish his evening off, he was able to close the deal on two attractive ladies and bring them both back to his place.

You may be asking where the responsible one was the entire night taking his car keys or cutting of his flow of booze. The answer is simple: you don't fuck with a Navy Seal.