Thursday, December 07, 2006

All I have today is a 10am Meeting

A project that I’ve been working on for a while is finishing up today. The project is supposed culminate with a meeting with the Senior Partner, the Junior Partner, and two other associates where I present what I’ve found and the courses of action that I suggest be taken. I don’t normally work today. All I have is this meeting.

My normal commute from door to door is 30 minutes. So I leave the house early today to give myself some leeway.

Insert Foreshadow Here: "What. Could. Go. Wrong."

9:02: Out the door
9:09: As I am walking to the train, I realize that it is really, really, really cold. I also realize that Italian-made dress shoes do not properly insulate my feet from the elements.
9:14: Arrive at the CTA station. Beginning to Freeze.
9:18: Begin the dance. By Dance I mean moving in a way that keeps blood flowing to the extremities
9:23: No train. Feet really cold. Gloves are shitty.
9:25: Third train in opposite direction have come and gone
9:26: See train in the distance. Sweet relief
9:28: Train has still yet to arrive
9:30: CTA PA Announcement: “Attention Blue Line Customers, we are currently running a train without any passengers direct into the loop. The oncoming train will not stop at this station. We apologize for any inconvenience.”
9:31: Ponder if I can sue the CTA
9:32: Oncoming train slows to a near halt at the station and just as it seems the PA announcement was wrong…the train begins to book out of the station.
9:33: Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
9:35: Feet are starting to hurt from the cold. Silk scarve…not warm. Thinking evil thoughts
9:38: Train arrives. Jam packed. I lower my shoulder and shove my way on. Only 1 other person gets on this train with me. I’m like a sardine wedged against the door. To make matters more entertaining, 2 douchebags who I do not believe have showered are making out right in front of me. I’m being pinned against the door by these 2 douchebags. Oh goody. But, I’m out of the cold and on the train.
9:50: Ms. Daisy is driving this train. Three stops in 12 minutes. What the fuck?
9:53: We have arrived at the first stop in the loop. The train empties out. Except for the makeout couple. Who are still pinning me against the non-exit side door of the car.
9:54: CTA Train announcement: “We will be standing shortly due to a medical emergency” Fantastic. Meeting in 6 minutes. I’m underground. And almost a mile from my office. Oh goody.
9:56: CTA Train Operator Announcement: “We will be standing at this station for 15-20 Minutes as the paramedics are called to assist with this medical emergency”
9:57: Fanfuckintastic. I exit the train. Get topside. And make a phone call to the office
9:58: “Due to my fun fun commute, I am going to be late for the meeting that is in 2 minutes” The office is extremely understanding, “Take your time and be sure to get your coffee!”. As I am concluding the phone call, and crossing the middle of Lake Street, I get hit from behind. My cell phone is thrown from me and lands in the middle of the crosswalk and splits in several pieces.
9:59: I can only laugh really hard at this point in the morning.
10:00: I get on a CTA bus that will speed up the walk/jog to the office. Right after I swipe my CTA card, the bus driver exits to take a cell phone call. Fuck this. Out of the bus. Time to power walk.
10:12: 7 blocks later, frozen, I arrive at the office

The meeting went well though...