Sunday, November 26, 2006

How to Flunk Finals

Everybody can give you their two cents worth about how to succeed in law school. Enough of this crap. Let's focus on you. On you doing the things that make you happy. Lord knows that outlining while recovering from the tryptophan coma is what everyone wants to do on the days following Thanksgiving.

Or not.

If you want to succeed on finals this coming December, follow my plan:

  1. Have a 50+ Inch HDTV in your apartment
  2. Buy an Xbox 360 on Black Friday with two games
  3. Begin the study process...and by study I mean a Bears Franchise on Madden '07 and a campaign on Gears of War
  4. Shower only when roommate complains
Follow this plan and you'll be on law review in no time.