Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why Friday's Rock

2am: Arrive home from the Armpit of America, also known as where Chicago goes to gamble, also known as Gary, IN. Up $107
7:40: Wake up when roommate makes a helluva racket getting himself ready to go to work
7:55: Roommate Leaves
8:02: Discover that despite his many abilities, he cannot make coffee worth a flying fuck
8:03: Road trip to Dunkin Donuts
8:12: Back home, XL Cream and Sugar with 2 Chocolate Chip Muffins
8:15: Begin finishing the ABC Path to 9/11 Movie
10:00: Finish Movie while crying like a newborn
10:15: Decide to go golfing
10:18: Tee Time set
10:30: Leave for Golf Course
11:30: Tee off
2:15: Halfway through one of my worst rounds ever
4:20: Finish Hole #18
4:40: Best Buy for Lucky Number Slevin and Grey's Anatomy Season 2
4:50: Golfsmith for more golfballs. Stupid water hazards.
5:00: Begin journey to softball practice with team #1
6:02: Arrive at softball practice
7:30: Practice ends
7:40: Leave with friend for Softball Team #2: Nighttime Doubleheader
8:15: Arrive in the Burbs
8:35: 1-1, Run Scored
9:00: 2-3, 2 RBIs and 2 Runs Scored
9:39: Line out to third for final out. 2-4. Fuck
9:40: The first game was a total pitchers duel. We lost 31-14.
10:42: Second game ends. We lost 14-8.
11:25: Dinner of champions--Taco Bell. Eaten in their parking lot since their dining room was closed
11:45: Steak and Shake for Dessert
12:00: Begin trek back into the city
12:30: Discover why George Thorogood is a God amongst men
1:00: Back at my car. Friend leaves. I leave
1:22: Home.

This was a day well spent