Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two bloggers, the FRE, and a lady of negotiable virtue

liserdoeslaw: i want to get in that she's a prostitute
liserdoeslaw: and she was prostituting that night with my client
thenambypamby: you could under 404b work to prove it up
liserdoeslaw: word, some motive shit
thenambypamby: it's not character.
thenambypamby: it's the ho being a ho
liserdoeslaw: yeah i'm not saying she's a slut
liserdoeslaw: i'm saying she's a whore... FOR MONEY
thenambypamby: slut=character judgement
thenambypamby: whore=404b plan/motive = admissible
liserdoeslaw: that's what i'm thinking
liserdoeslaw: and if not that, i say 403 balancing would show serious probative value.
liserdoeslaw: drugs for sex?
thenambypamby: just give the judge that 'come on' look
thenambypamby: your honor
thenambypamby: come onnnnn
liserdoeslaw: come ON, look at her, she's MORE USED THAN PARIS HILTON
thenambypamby: she's been ridden more than seattle slew!
liserdoeslaw: it is my pleasure to intruduce to you, your honor, the village bicycle.