Monday, September 04, 2006

2 One Track Minds

It seems like I am meeting more and more associates for Big Law. Tonight, at a Labor Day BBQ, I met a soon to be first year associate who starts next week. This is the brief conversation with a non-student, non-lawyer friend that followed after I chatted with this girl:

Me: You see her? Yes, her, the blonde. She just graduated and is awaiting her bar results. She went to a top 15 school. She was on law review. Great grades throughout school and now she is about to work for a big law firm. She is currently is getting paid to sit on her ass right now. Must be nice. When she starts next week, she is about to sell her soul for 2000+ billable hours. She is going to be working in a 70 hour work week, but making insane cash. She is in litigation but she is not going to first chair a trial for like 5 years. I'm not sure if I envy her or feel sorry for her. Am I jealous because I don't have that opportunity sitting in front of me as I start my final year of school? Would this be such an issue if I had a job lined up? I just need to find a job for after graduation...
My Friend: She has really big tits