Monday, August 14, 2006

Ah yes, the Bookstore

At this time last year the 1L's were in that last panicky effort to get ready for classes to begin. I found it funny and I laughed (then tripped and fell). I decided to make the trip over to the bookstore because I was wanting to see the 1L's be panicky and I was in the mood to take an extended lunch wandering aimlessly in the area.

There are three possible types of students that will be knee deep in sticker-shock-bookstore hell:

  1. The must buy everything freaked out 1L
  2. The wizened, focused, but calm 2L (buy a used textbook and an Emmanuels)
  3. The not-caring-about-anything-oooo-look-it's-a-sticker-book-3L (such as myself)
I arrived at the bookstore without a schedule or a plan to actually purchase anything and there was a group of female students with schedules in hand, eyes with that possessed look, and one little cliche of enterprising souls had their laptop out cross check against their schedule and syllabi (What. The. Fuck. Who does this?).

I didn't recognize these students, but I casually checked them out nonetheless. They were talking about casebooks for Remedies and and a supplement for Evidence. Why are they talking about those classes, aren't they getting a little ahead of themselves? Then it dawned on me, the 1L's haven't gotten their computer access yet. These were 2Ls! And they had set up a command post in the bookstore like Patton in Sicily.

These were 2Ls losing their mind. I was stunned.

Then a velociraptor-like attack occurred when one of the frenetic feminine number saw a bookstore employee out of her peripheral vision and lunged right at him with the other two in tow:
Employee: Can I he....
Over-caffeinated 2L: Yes, yes you can, I am in this class, see it's right here on my schedule #102. It's called Business Organizations. See it here?
Employee: Yes I do, you are in...
Over-caffeinated 2L: So, I'm standing here, looking through these books and I see class #102 and supposedly here are the books for class #102.
Employee: So, what can I help you with?
Over-caffeinated 2L: Well, these books all match the class number and the professor's name is right...
Employee: Yes
Over-caffeinated 2L: ...but these books say 'Corporations' so I am thinking that you have books in the wrong section or some numbers are wrong. And this supplement here says Corporations but again, I am in Business Organizations, not Corporations. So, I am a little confused, and maybe you can help me with that...
And off the employee went to check it on the computer. The book is actually titled "Corporations and Other Business Associations" and the book is for the class in question considering I took it last year at this same time with the same prof. But these were details that I decided to withhold for my sheer entertainment value.

I thought that after one year of law school, people kind of got it. Apparently, my class was ahead of the curve. The 1L's thatI witnessed were calmly going about their business, sort of absorbing the moment, resigned to the $600 pricetag for 83 lbs of dense reading.

And so, like it has before, it begins...