Monday, July 31, 2006

A Summer Performance Plan?

Dipping the pen in the company ink seems to be accepted as a uniformly [un]wise idea. This, to me, sounds like a surefire fun-killer and I ask, why not be a little reckless? Inspired in part by being in the waning days of summer plus the actions of the aptly named Legal Bachelor (he deserves a medal), I’ve decided to see if I can make a royally unwise move.

My Monday morning realization came as I saw her talking to a secretary. She doesn’t work in my office, but this is a detail that matters not. I’ve had several run-ins with her this summer at various meetings, random hallways, and the elevator and all of them have been somewhat flirtatious in nature. The last interaction we had was in the elevator and went something like this:

Me: That was a fantastic meeting, I’d should have spilled something on myself to get out of there.
Her: Yeah that was pretty bad, but you wouldn’t have wanted to do that. You look great in that suit today.
Me: Why thank you.
Her: I don’t know many guys that dress as sharply as you do.
[The elevator stops on her floor, the doors open, it takes her a second to realize that this is her floor.]
Me: Well, I do what I can…have a good one
[She gets out while looking back and goes two steps to the right. She looks up, realizes that she is going the wrong way, turns back to go the other way, and smiles]
She is really good looking. And she has style. By style I mean a penchant for wearing revealing skirts and fuck me boots knee high boots.

The question that I have: 'is 40 the new 30?'