Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Status Update

Legal Profession Final: 16 Days from now
Last time I read for class: 13 days ago
Number of classes that have been held: 9
Number of class sessions I have attended for the entire time: 1
Classes remaining: 4
Number of times I've read the entire assigned reading: 0
Number of times I've been called on in class: 4
Number of times I have incorrectly answered the question: 0
Number of arguments that I have started with the douchebag, rising 2L: 2
Number of times that I have called him a douchebag in class not quietly enough so he couldn't hear me: 4
Number of hours I've been in class tonight 1.6
Number of Bills that the House Passed today banning internet poker: 1
Hours I've played internet poker in my ethics class tonight in celebrating of said bill: 1.75
Number of e-mails I've sent to my roommate's girlfriend, the auditor, asking about how to best shred vital documents that the SEC would like to get their hands on: 3
Number of said e-mails that I sent after she told me that her e-mail archives are produced pursuant to a court order and turned over to the SEC: 2