Friday, July 07, 2006

Lunch Time Happenings

The Something That I Had Never Witnessed: Marine One and the rest of Presidential Helicopter entourage leaving downtown Chicago did a flyby over the Taste of Chicago. That was really, really cool.

The Bad: The plethora of adiposedly abundant Chicagoans wearing skin-tight clothing while visiting the taste of Chicago and sweating profusely. (This really goes to support the theory that no one says to themselves before leaving the house, “Damn, I look like shit today.”)

The Funny: One of the co-workers I went with was craving a chocolate covered banana. She got it and proceeding to inhale the tasty treat. Me, the intellectual equivalent of a walnut, could not keep myself from laughing because the damn thing looked like a penis. Yes, I have the maturity of a three year old

I love summer in Chicago.