Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why watch TV when there is so much entertainment at home

The scene opens up as my roommates girlfriend is draping herself in the blankets looking like she is about to leap face first into his lap:

Me: [To my roommate] It looks like she is about to go down on you
Her: [To me with a devilish look on her face] You think I am about to do the dirty deed?
My Roommate: Why do you call it the dirty deed?
Her: Why else do I finish so fast?
My Roommate: [To me] She is like a jack hammer down there
Her: He calls me Powersuck for a reason
And it continues as they begin perusing the internet for engagement rings:
My Roommate: She’s thinking, I am so turned on by this website, I just want to earn this ring
Her: I’m a cocksmith
My Roommate: It keeps getting more expensive
Me: Just think of it as unlimited blow jobs
My Roommate: Those stop