Monday, May 22, 2006

Karma beats your pair

8:00: The scene opens as 6 guys are playing cards on a Sunday night drinking beer and watching ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. Mets v. Yankees. The general consensus in the room of 2 Cubs Fans, 1 Astros Fan, 1 Cardinals Fan, and [the non-bandwagon, emerged from a mixed family] Cubs/Sox fan, that both teams could die in fiery plane crashes and we would be fine with that. The lone Yankees fan in the room just proceeded to get really drunk.

8:15: Phone call from the Astros fan's girlfriend. The group hears: "What do you mean that she didn't shut the door?" and "Go search for a little while then call me back." The couple's dog has gone on the lam. I posit the idea that the missing pooch is with Barbaro reenacting Lassie and the Black Stallion go to the glue factory.

8:35: Cards continue to be played. Second phone call. "Baby, you want me to come home? I'll come home if you want me to..." The bluff has been played. The phone call ends. The girl is sated. For now.

8:37: Third phone call. "You want me to come home?" The Bluff has been looked up. "Ok, I'll leave here in like 20 minutes"

8:45: "Guys, I'm going to leave in 5 hands" Proceeds to win a big pot

9:00: "I'm going to stay until 9:30" Wins another big pot

9:30: "I'm going to stay until the end of the game"

9:42: Phone rings. Goes unanswered. "I'm not going to pick up the phone. Maybe she'll have found the dog when I get home"

9:55: Phone rings again.

10:07: Baseball game ends. We proceed to switch poker games from No-Limit Texas Hold'em to the loose game Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. "Get me a beer"

10:08: First hand of PLO. Astro's fan loses $70+.

10:09: Long string of profanities

10:10: "Guys I gotta go..."

In the Poker game of life, Women may be the rake, but Karma always comes out on top.