Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good News, Bad News Crim Pro Final Day Edition

Good News: Today is my Crim Pro Final
Bad News: I have no idea when it is

Good News: I'll be done with Crim Pro today
Bad News: I have to take the final first

Good News: I've spent the last week or so studying for Crim Pro
Bad News: I have a final Monday evening on a class that I haven't studied for since Spring Break

Good News: I beat out 30+ others to be selected to the second round of trial team tryouts
Bad News: Of the 10 people that made it to the second round of trial team tryouts, there is only one spot open on the team.
Really Bad News: I didn't do so hot in tryout #2
Kick in the Shorts: I'll find out today that I didn't make it (Positive thinking? bah!)

See ya on the flipside