Sunday, April 30, 2006

Study Blogging

Nothing shows you are focused on your studying like publishing your work progress throughout the day

9:45: Wake up. Start Coffee. Full 12 Cup Pot. Gonna be a long day scooter
9:52: Brushing the teeth to get the funk out
10:00: First cup of coffee, sitting at the study command post
10:05: Check CNN, ESPN, Bloglines, Chicago Tribune, Check Away Messages
10:12: Open Book, Get Second Cup of Coffee
10:18: Start iTunes. Get the Study Rocking
10:30: Begin Studying
10:55: Begin playing online poker while studying
11:16: Check Fantasy Team, Still up 10-1 in my Head-to-Head League matchup this week
11:22: Third Cup of Coffee
11:30: Finish initial Study on Warrantless Searches and Seizures, Beginning Miranda Rights
12:00: Bulls Game
12:07: Begin IM'ing
12:18: Shaq get's Second foul
12:30: Fourth Cup of Coffee
12:43: Coffee's done.
12:45: Shaq-fu has three fouls
1:06: Bulls up 4 at Half
1:30: Finally started making lunch
1:40: Back to compulsively checking away messages. Just saw one about success: "The key to success is knowing everything about something, and something about everything..." I personally think the key to success is knowing where everyone else hides their bodies. Or maybe success is just having the most toys. Either way.
1:43: Bulls up 7
2:20: Done with Miranda onto the Exclusionary Rule, the Bulls are giving me a heart attack, and I have been singing and dancing to various TV commericials [thankfully my roommate is not here]
2:28: Seems my focus was lacking as I just discovered a pink highlighter stain the size of a half-dollar on the forearm of my sweatshirt. Pink is so my color
3:30: Still plugging through the Exclusionary Rule material. I wonder if the majority of the Court ever mocked Thurgood Marshall for his never-ending string of dissents in the cases that gradually shrank the rights of criminals. I know I would have. Meanwhile, Justice Scalia just sacrificed an indigent criminal defendant to the 4th amendment gods.
4:14: Just finished listening to my most recent iTunes Music Store Purchase: I Megaphone by Imogen Heap. Good study music and I highly recommend it. I also recommend anything by Shakira. And the awesome Hearsay Exception Song. Did I mention Shakira?
4:22: I was just told, via IM, that this string of inactivity is aiding other law students procrastination tendencies. That just made my day.
4:33: Begin to dole out advice to a lady friend on a how to deal with her latest male endeavour. Question for y'all to ponder how many calls and texts from a guy to a girl before a response is given falls under the category of "pushy" "desperate." [I personally think that two or more actions in a given day without a response is too many, but that is just me.]
5:10: Done with the first intensive Crim Pro. Time to begin the outline.
6:00: Costco. Love the store. Greatest place on the planet.
6:40: Shower.
6:59: Pretty much don't want to study anymore, oh look...TV Time!
7:00: West Wing: Arnie for America!
7:30: Second pot of coffee for the day.
8:00: Sopranos: Why did Tony not nail the hot ER nurse? Why? Why? Come on are better than that!!
9:00: TiVo'ed Desperate Housewives: Not the biggest fan of this show, but this one is pretty damn funny. And Criminal Procedure decided to crop up right in the middle. Way to go Bree! Just to see if my Crim Pro studying has taken hold: The police can, on the basis of the upstanding citizen tip [because it has greater veracity then a paid informant], search the donut store man and his shop because the tip has probable cause and there are definitely exigent circumstances. At least I think they can do this.
9:50: TiVo'ed Grey's Anatomy. I love this show.
10:02: My roommate gets a phone call from his step-dad regarding his moonlighting as a kitchen-installer-cabinent-guy. "It's a mess, the owners are two lesbians who tried to install their own cabinents and its a total mess." Sounds like a perfect sitcom...
10:08: Grey's Anatomy Discussions with the roommate regarding Dr. Torres.
--Him: "She has a pretty face"
--Me: "For a Defensive Lineman"
--Him: "Come on, you would do her in one of your drunken moments"
--Me:"I've had a lot of drunken moments and I've had a lot of days to regret not taking advantage of those drunken moments..."
10:23: Is it wrong to think that the girls in the Herpes TV ads are hot?

Other Items:

  • Best away message I have seen today: "Third world children are plentiful! Fossil fuels are scarce! We need to burn something!"
  • Number of Times I have checked my fantasy team: 8. I won the week 10-2. Retaining first place and widening my iron grasp on the league.
  • Number of Times I have checked my e-mail accounts today: 37