Monday, April 24, 2006

A look at the numbers

Class days left:5
Number of Days Until my Crim Pro Final:10
Number of Days Left until my last final, which for bureaucratic reasons has to be hand written: 23
Number of Days left until I imbibe enough alcohol until I black out and wake up next to a gunner named "Fred": 23.5
Days since I last read for Criminal Procedure: 17
Number of pages of my Crim Pro Outline: 0
Cumulative number of pages of my outlines for all classes that have a written final examination: 0
Number of Google Searches for outlines for Crim Pro: 5
Number of intelligent-looking outlines found: 6
Commerical outlines and study aids obtained for Crim Pro: 3
Last time I attended a full session of my Civil Rights night class: 6 weeks ago
Last time I paid complete attention throughout my Civil Rights night class: 30 minutes in on January 9th.
Number of Commerical Outlines and study aids availible for my other written final classes: 0
Number of days since my reply brief was assigned: 13
Number of days until the reply brief is due: 1
Number of pages I have read in preparation for writing said reply brief: 0
Inches of the stack of pages that must be read for my reply brief: 2.5
Chances of me making the grades to get on deans list: Slim to none [by slim, I mean none]
Over/under of how many hands of online poker that I will play during my night class this evening: 225
Over/under of how many blog posts will occur before finals are finished: 35