Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The brain just kinda stops at that point

I venture over to school at some point in the middle of my work day because I wanted to pick up a book from my locker. I get in the elevator and this one girl is eyeing me and not in the good way. I try an attempt at humor to break this awkwardness and needless to say it fails mightily. She gets off at the floor the library is on and I continue the journey upward to where my locker is located. And I quickly forget this odd series of events...

I get my book and get back into the elevator and on the journey down, the elevator stops and the same girl gets on. Oh boy. It's one of those awkward situations where I was standing in the back of the elevator thinking (and looking like) I owned the place and then she came in and stood with her back against one of the side walls of the elevator. That's when she starts the conversation.

"I'm interlibrary loan"


"That's why I rode the elevator up and got right back on going down"


"You know, I graduated college and I was thinking about going to law school and being a lawyer, So I decided to become a librarian"

Anyone want to take a shot at explaining this to me?