Monday, March 20, 2006

I think it's called Karma...

It's cold here in Chicago. Not balls-freezing-off cold nor 'cold as hell''s just cold. A step below 'brisk.' You get the picture. I take the 'EL' home. And then I walk several blocks. In the cold.

The point of the above is to set the scene for this: I just got off the EL and it just so happens that there is a Starbucks next to the station. I notice a voluptuous stunning cute girl sitting at a table facing the window. I notice her as I am committing a mortal sin: popping my coat's collar. It's cold and I don't have a scarf, I have to resort to what I have on me to keep me warm. Thank goodness Chicago doesn't have a law like this. [Although we should].

While I am noticing her and she is noticing me, I am not noticing the Starbucks door that has opened directly in front of me.

Believe you me, I noticed it right after I walked straight into it.