Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Wants to Know...

Elle Woods has coaxed me into a joint resurrection of the Q&A session that used to be in the Blawgger world. The idea is we'll post questions (and eventually answers) and you guys post answer on your blog or in the comments if you don't have a blog. So without further ado or great fanfare, here is the first official WWK:

1. For the Men: Boxers or Briefs? For the Ladies: Thong or Boyshorts?
Boxers. Plain and Simple. On the ladies, Boyshorts...nuff said

What is the weirdest place you've ever had sex?
That's between my attorney, priest, and parole officer.

3. What is your policy on telling your significant other your "number"
There is no real policy. They ask, I tell, she runs. Done and done.

We hope everyone participates and enjoys, if not we'll hunt you down and massacre your pets stick our tongues out draw a line in the sand hang our heads in sadness and try something else to do with our time instead of studying.