Monday, January 09, 2006

This could be painful...

Since I work within a short walk from the bookstore, I figured I could casually use my lunch hour for acquiring this semesters books.

Well, I am sure I have mentioned that I have Law School Alzheimer's before. If not, blame it on this condition. I check my schedule right before I leave work and write down what classes, sections, and professors I have so I know what books to buy. With this list, I'll be able to run in and run out, miss the 1L's and the Undergrads and purchase all the books I need.

The list was life. However, I left the list at my desk. I realized this as I was standing in front of the rows upon rows of text books repeatedly going through all of my pockets (2 in the suit coat, 2 on the out of the suit coat, 2 back pant pockets, two side pant pockets, 3 on the outside of the overcoat and lastly, 1 on the inside of the overcoat). I do this about 4 times. No list.

This causes me to wonder the rows of books, with the listless look in my eye, very similar to 1L's as they are first thrown into the legal education atmosphere. 20 minutes later, I think I have located textbooks for two of my five classes. Grabbing these and realizing that I am not going to be able to carry much more, I admit defeat and vow to return another day.

20 Minutes and 2 Classes worth of Books: $312.07

I can't wait until I have to go back for more.