Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Running Observations About The Rose Bowl...

One: Hook em Horns.
Two: Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts are the unholy duo of incompetence. John Madden--Bad, Brent Mushburger--Bad, Dick Vitale--Alien. But these two redefine awful play calling
Three: We need more shots of the Texas Cheerleaders. I love the chaps. Wearing them, watching them, whatever...
Four: If Texas fumbles the ball help me...
Five: I am not sure who is more senile Keith Jackson ("'s time for football") or Joe Paterno (Does he coach or just pace frantically up and down the sidelines?)
Six: After watching the preview for Firewall, Harrison Ford is an elite Certified Bad Ass
Seven: Yes Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart are very good...they could probably combine to beat the Colts if they put their minds to it. But really...I don't care.
Eight: Hook em Horns
USC 7, Texas 0 End of the First

Second Quarter

One: Reggie Bush put on his brillant shoes, but unfortunately he took a dose of stupid pills
Two: USC Cheerleaders. Nuff said
Three: Blondes + Chaps = Happy Namby Pamby
Four: That Interception was awesome.
Five: Vince Young is a Stud and that was a hell of a TD. Go to Hell Dan Fouts.
Six: Dan Fouts can continue calling the Texas D an onslaught as long as he keeps his mouth shut
Seven: I'm not sure if it USC playing defense or Illinois playing defense.
Eight: Frank said it best after a Leinhart scramble and a big hit: "Keep running like that white boy, and you'll see how big they breed them down in Texas"

At the Half: Texas 16, USC 10
Quick Thoughts: Vince Young looks like a Heisman Winner. Matt Leinhart looks like a guy that his ass beat. It's going to be a good second half. Hook em Horns and time to start drinking

Third and Fourth Quarter
First: So I missed the first 7 minutes, but I saw Lendale "Who the fuck is Reggie Bush?" White run for his second TD.
Second: Then Vince Young was Invinceable.
Third: Again, Hook em and show us the ladies in the chaps. (This is where America is truly great)
Fourth: Lendale Speaketh: 'Reggie Who'?
Fifth: Stupid Kicker
Sixth: Reggie mumbles something about winning the Heisman...goes for a jog and a jump. Wow. Shit.
Seventh: I hate Pete Carroll. He is way too fucking happy.
Eighth: My roommate has chimed in, "I love cowgirls in cowboy hats"
(I start cursing....walk away...I come back with less than 3 minutes left)
NINE: Pete Carroll Gambles...loses

HOOK'EM HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!