Monday, January 02, 2006

My roommate has become an addict

I've been called the devil before:

Me: [Filling up a half full drink]
Her: I don't want this, why are you filling it up?
Me: Shut up and drink it.
Her: You're the devil [starts to drink]

Now, I've hooked my roommate on 24.

Him: I hate you for hooking me on this shit.
Me: [Sadistic smile]
Him: You are the devil.

He spent the early morning hours watching 4 episodes and the first thing he has done this morning is start up right where he left off. It's so bad that he has started talking to his cell phone:

Him: Why are you calling me on my day off?
(Cell phone keeps ringing)
Him: I just want to watch 24! Stop ringing!
(Stops ringing, 30 seconds pass, and it starts ringing again)
Him: If that's the way you are going to be [Answers] I'll call you back later I'm watching 24. [Hangs up]

This has happened three times in the last 45 minutes. I am the devil.

3:30pm Update: I have returned home from an unsuccessful shopping excursion (what do people think today is? A Holiday?!?) to find my roommate right where I left him. Huddled on the loveseat, wrapped in a blanket. Everytime Jack Bauer kicks ass he comments "Jack Bauer: CBA [Certified Bad Ass]" The phone rings and he shouts at it as I answer, "Who dares call when I am watching 24?" It's his step father wanting to know what he would like at the upcoming family dinner, his response: "I don't care what we have to eat, I'm watching 24!" And he hangs up. I wonder if this is how dealers feel when they have hooked a new junkie...

11:10pm Update: He's been at it since he got back from dinner at 7:30pm. He and I both have to work in the morning. And there are 8 hours left in Season 2.