Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Laziness Saved My Ass...well at least the clothes on my ass.

I don't like to iron. Therefore, I dry clean.

However, I don't like going to the dry cleaners. I really don't like picking my clothes up after I have dropped them off at the dry cleaners. I am just lazy. What can I say? It got so bad that I decided to pay the extra money to park at school so I could drive to the dry cleaners before class to drop my load of clothes off.

Enter my laziness, pt 1: I decided to go to a different cleaners that was on the way to the expressway instead of the one that is further away but gives me a discount. I dropped off my entire professional-attire clothes collection at this cleaners. Every suit and dress shirt that I own was in the possession of that cleaner.

Enter my laziness, pt 2: I drove by the other dry cleaners yesterday, three days after I would have dropped my clothes off there...the discount dry cleaners had burned to the ground.