Sunday, January 08, 2006


I got tagged by dicta in the latest meme. This one, however, could be amusing. I am supposed to reveal three things that no one or next to no one knows about me. And then tag three others to do the same.

What you don't know (and might not want to know) about me:
1. I love 'chick flicks' and all types of romantic comedies
2. I pat myself down throughout the day to make sure I have the following: keys, wallet, moto, ipod. This occurs through a pocket search that looks like I am doing the macarena. I am paranoid about losing any of these four items.
3. I have a unique laugh. During my sophomore year of undergrad, I was given award by my fraternity: "The Laugh Most Likely to Scare Little Children" It starts high pitched and moves into a full body 'orgasm' or something... I was also told that during a musical I was attending at my high school after I had graduated that the cast knew I was in the audience (a 750 seat auditorium) because they recognized my laugh. I was sitting in the last row.

The next lucky three:
1. Elle Woods of Legally Blonde
2. Liserdoeslaw of Liberal Summer Camp
3. Sadielady of Oysters and Beer

I feel dirty. And Used. I like it.