Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've said it 1000 times and I'll say it again.

The Seahawks are the most overrated team in football. They come from the worst division in the NFL (The NFC West is almost as bad as the NL West...just almost). Their QB is good, not great. Their defense gave up 25 points to the San Fransisco 49'ers. Their MVP RB is a guy who has a reputation for being a pansy after getting a few tough licks laid on him (by tough licks I mean a concussion or a broken fingernail). Today's game would've been good had it not been for Jake "I'm no probowler without Steve Smith" Delhomme's early INTs. Carolina disappointed me today because I had maintained going into last week that the team that won Bears-Panthers and Colts-Steelers games would be going to the Super Bowl. At least my betting on the Steelers has so far done me good. (They were the best team going into the playoffs). Granted, I am a Bear's fan through and through, I knew no matter who the NFC sent to the XL, it's going to be an AFC victory come Febtober.

Did I mention that the Seahawks are going to lose?


One other thing: "I'll take the rapist for 81." Friggin ball hog.

[That's therapist Mr. Connery...]