Monday, January 16, 2006

It's gonna be a good day, Scooter

Today, classes begin for us. It's really a magical experience (by magical I mean I really have no desire to go). So far, it has been one of those days that just begs the question why I ever got out of bed:

-I had dreams about the Bears being unable to stop Steve Smith. Nothing could make me have that just arisen fog of mind and think that the Bears had won. (Why did I go instead of selling the tickets?) Jake Delhomme, however, was wearing a dress.
-While reading homework for tonight's class, highlighted my ear making Scott v. Sanford that much more infuriating of a case to read. (Hey Taney: Way to start the civil war, Douchebag)
-Spilled coffee in my lap
-Reminded myself since the Bears did, in fact, lose, I too lost a bet and now at some point this week must wear a UNC hat to class. (I guess it could have been worse, I don't have to wear any Duke apparel)
-Shocked by Laptop power adapter
-Realized that said adapter no longer works 100% of the time
-Cut myself shaving
-Almost hit by a CTA bus. (Pucker factor was at a 10 there)
-Read Syllabi for another class, where one of the stated goals is to have a 'solid command of the Bluebook' (Oh thank heaven) [Then read further and realized that I needed to buy a new Bluebook since after last year's adventure in Legal Writing I burned the damn thing thinking that I would be free.]
-Had to endure the idiots on the elevators (you know the types: the one-floor wonders. It's happened three times already today, including the most absurd one which was waiting for the elevator on the 14th floor with another girl for several minutes only to have her go from floor 14 to floor 13)
-The grade that was promised two months ago...still not up.

I did however have lots of coffee and a Lean Cuisine I guess that everything evens out in the end.