Sunday, January 22, 2006

Football and Studying...a match made in hell

It is true that my team got knocked out last week, but I love professional football no matter what. My picks for the day are Pittsburgh in a blowout (turns out that they have scored 2 TDs as I have been writing this post) and Carolina by a comfortable margin (read: Shaun Alexander is OVERRATED). The only thing that could make today's football games better would be if they could have the Texas cheerleaders in chaps as we saw over and over again in the Rose Bowl. But enough about those lovely ladies.

School started this week. This means that I actually have to study on a Sunday. Of course, I knew that I would have study once the semester started. To complicate matters further, I dropped a class and then proceeded to pick another up (that I missed the first 2 meetings of); this translates into about 200 pages of reading for tomorrow. I should say that I have only had one class since Wednesday so I have had plenty of opportunities to do my work. But remember I am a slacker.

The question that I am asking is should I do the reading now while watching Pittsburgh be the violent dominatrix to Jake "Don't Call Me Jesus" Plummmer or do I wait until after the Steve Smith Show rolls through Qwest field in Seattle?

My answer: no reading just beer.

Go Steelers. Go Panthers.