Friday, December 16, 2005

Silica Gel: DO NOT EAT

I am a guy who likes to shop. Clothes. Electronics. You name it.

But there are times when necessity dictates that you buy things. It's not a luxury item when you need it. So when you begin the last ditch effort to find a staple of a cold weather resident (i.e. Boots), you become frustrated when you start the shopping rampage and do not find any store that is in stock!

Nordstrom: Sold out.
Mephisto: No winter boots
Kenneth Cole: Too narrow
Sak's Fifth Men's: One style, but why spend $440 on Prada Boots when they will be 40% off the day after Christmas?

Let me ask you this: Where's Aldo?

The foot savior. Boots, in stock, in my size. Fantastic.

Why? What did you do today? Study? Bah.