Sunday, October 23, 2005

Worst Sportscasters....ever

Now, being a resident of Chicago, we get a lot of bad sportscasters. If you have blocked their nasally play by play or energetic retardation, let me remind you of some of my favorites that have covered Chicago Sports:

WGN Cubs Broadcaster Chip Caray (Steve Stone prevented damage to many TV's across the Chicago area)
WGN Cubs Color Commentator Joe Carter (Yes, he did say 'duck fart' on the air)
WGN Cubs Broadcaster Len Casper (Sounds like he is speaking, physically, out of his ass)
WGN Sox Broadcaster Darrin Jackson (An untamed zebra would add more to the White Sox Broadcast than DJ, [thank God for the Hawk])
Fox Broadcaster Kenny Albert (Marv Albert without the...bite)
NBC Sideline Reporter Jim Grey (Just ask the Yankees what they think of him)

The Hall of Fame mic'ers: John Madden and Pat Summerall
This years honorable mention: Lou Pinella

But the duo that takes the cake for absolute worst: Joe Buck and Tim Carver

Words cannot express my disdain for these two. But I can try: These two are the most bloviated windbags on the planet. They are the ill-forsaken love child of Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly. These two really are dumber than a box of hair. I would rather watch the damn game in silence then listen to these two, but as fate would have it, my roommate would not and he clearly laid down the law to me. But damnit I hate those two. Thank Goodness that the Sox are up 2-0 and that it is likely the series will not go 7 games. GO SOX